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Vaulting is the combination of gymnastics and dance on the back of a moving horse. Vaulting is always done in a very controlled environment—in an arena, in a consistent, large circle, in soft footing, with the horse attached to a "lounge" line and controlled by a trainer (called a lounger). The horse, lounger, and vaulter work as a team, with the lounger controlling the horse, and the horse performing at a continuous gait (either walk, trot or canter, depending on the vaulter level). The vaulter performs a series of gymnastics and dance moves on the horse as it moves in its circle.


Vaulting is for all ages. It can be used to help for therapeutic purposes, for recreational fun, and can also be competitive at a regional and national level.

All of our vaulters, no matter their age, have the opportunity to participate in state wide demonstrations, competitions, as well as regional and national level events.


Vaulting can help develop your skills, abilities, confidence, and coordination--along with balance, strength and agility. It also helps build friendships, horsemanship, and showmanship.



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